I will greet you at my Front Door!!  If you do not like stairs,  I will greet you at my garage door and escort you inside, if you let me know in advance.  From the front door, we will walk downstairs to my massage room, a calm oasis, which is softly lit, yet cheerful and cozy.

I will ask you to fill out a form and explain to me just why you'd like massage.  I want to know what your health issues are, what medicines you take, if you are allergic to the oils or lotions that I use, and what you want your massage to focus on.  I will take all that information and formulate a plan to provide you with the kind of massage I perceive you want.  Remember, this is YOUR massage.  We will decide if you begin your session face up or face down, and then about halfway through, you'll turn to the opposite side.  Once we have a plan for your massage, I'll leave the room.

You decide what level of dress or un-dress makes you comfortable, and lay on the table, making sure you cover yourself with my sheet.  In a few minutes I will return, knocking before I enter to make sure you are covered and ready.  Washington law requires proper draping procedures be followed, so I will uncover only the area to be massaged, such as your back, or an arm, or a leg.  Before you turn over I'll ask if I might have missed something, like a catch in your shoulder, or maybe you want more work on your feet.  We'll take care of those issues, and I'll stabilize the sheet while you turn over.  Sometimes just turning over is a struggle after relaxing, so don't worry and do take your time.

After your massage I will leave the room so you can re-dress.  Then you'll meet me back upstairs where I'll have a cold bottle of water waiting for you.  That's when we'll settle the price (maybe you asked for an extra 30 minutes!) and also schedule your next appointment if you desire.
So What Should I Expect at My Massage ?

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