doTERRA is bomb! Essential Oils boost your health
WOO ~   so excited about  Essential Oils!
In fact, so excited that I now sell Essential Oil products.  These are pure beyond belief.  One whiff of the Lavender Essential Oil compared to one whiff of a competitor was all it took.  The experience of a well crafted essential oil impacts the whole body and aids the body's healing processes.
I teach classes on how to use Essential Oils. What a blessing to reduce chemicals (and their side-effects) with natural, pure products.  You can become an expert!  Use them for yourself, your home, your garden, your cooking....  Oils will reduce the impacts of occassional health issues as they assist your own body to heal.  Spiders in the house?  Diffuse what ?!  Learn which oils can help!

I would say:  Check it out @ ... ! But to stay compliant with the US Food & Drug Administration, now I ask that you contact me for more information - and what is better  than a conversation or e-mail exchange ?!  Let's be in touch soon!

PLEASE ask for a Wellness Consultation  -- It's FREE.  

With 3 ways to purchase, there's a right one for you  :o)
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Get a one-on-one session with Kay to use essential oils!  Ask for a FREE Wellness Consultation!

Host a class for you and your friends and earn free stuff!  Let's plan it together !
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